Ever since the governments across the worlds announced the lockdown, the market has been witnessing high volatility. No one is able to predict the market it seems. However, many predict that these times are once in a lifetime moments if you are into investing and trading. Some even argue that the crash which is happening right now is far beyond the one happened in the 2008 financial crisis. So the question is is this the perfect time we were looking for to invest in the market?

 Is this the right time to enter the market?

To be frank, obviously yes! Although the market is set to witness a further crash in the upcoming days, eventually it is ought to revive back. The crash which is going on is due to the inaction in the production and manufacturing industry. Since manufacturing units have been forced to shut down, no production or sales is happening which in turns results in the market crash. It is worth noting that millions of people across the world are going to lose their job. Considering all these conditions it is always a wise decision to learn and enter the market.

At this moment the most privileged are the ones who are still generating some revenue. People working in the IT sector, government employees and obviously some other sectors like farming are the luckiest ones in this regard as they still generate revenue which is more than enough for them to lead their lives.

One more good news coming in from all around the world is that people spend less.

Previously when the coronavirus was absent, consuming was happening at a very high and alarming rate. The same people who once used to spend over 1000 dollar per month have reduced their expenditure by 100%. Which means they have fewer options for spending their money on. They are saving a large part of their revenue. The question is what these people are going to do with this extra money?

I Suggest Investing

Of course, I would suggest investing your funds on something which is meaningful. The most important thing is about developing your skills. You can use your time and money to attend some online classes and equip yourself with immense knowledge as you come out from the lockdown.

The second and most important thing to do is to invest some of your funds into either trade markets or cryptocurrencies. I know, this deal appears extremely risky as you have not been accustomed to this behaviour. However, you should do this when you have time and money.

I mentioned time because this time factor is extremely important while investing your real money into something you consider a risky business. You should learn and understand the nuances of the market so that you will identify yourself as a successful trader.

There is no free money and no easy way to get rich in a day. You have to learn and get yourself equipped to get ready for the war.

I’m going to write a series of articles to help you understand the basics of the trade market and investing. Stay tuned!


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